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FacilityLive Coding4Kids, held in the FacilityLive Headquarters in Pavia, is a two hours coding session for a class of 4th graders. Under the guidance of a teacher, who is member of the R&D team of FacilityLive, students can discover the magic world of coding. The kids divide up in teams of 3 students each and every team has its own tutor.

The students start with “One hour of coding”, where students learn what coding is like, who developers are and which tools allow computers and objects to connect and communicate. At the end of this first hour, the kids are able to use visual coding languages and softwares such as Scratch. The goal for the second hour is to make kids try out what they have just learned  by playing with fantasy characters. FacilityLive tutors support students in coding their first videogame.

Take the FacilityLive Coding4Kids back to school! At the end of the coding session students receive a diploma and the url for a Scratch space to keep on coding and playing.